•         Dr. Nishita

     Nish comes from an Army background and after living in more places then she can count on her fingers, packing and unpacking trunks a zillion times over, changing more schools than the number of dresses she owns, it is safe to say that she has become a default traveler.

     Nish was crowned 'Mrs. Delhi 2016' and also bagged the titles, Mrs. Photogenic & Mrs. Glowing skin. She was also featured in the Incredible India Advertisement by the Govt. of India.

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    Nish is a certified Nutritionist and has clients from all over the world.

    Nish is a cleanliness freak and suffers from OCD. Also, she hates unmade beds.

    Nish has a disciplined devotion to wines and dark chocolates.

  •       Dr. Siddharth

    Sid is a professional guitarist, drummer, and a composer. Over the last few years, he has performed with some great legends.

    Sid is a big-time foodie and he can get coaxed into doing anything stupid as long as his taste buds are satisfied.


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    Sid learned driving after he got married. And do you know who taught him driving..? His beloved Wifey...haha..!

    Sid loves binge-watching TV Series.

    Do mail him your favorites..!

    Sid is sh** scared of grasshoppers.

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We are Sid and Nish, two like-minded people who dream about traveling, every single minute, even when traveling! 

Welcome to our journey!


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