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A Property That Owns Its Own SUBMARINE: Sindbad Club, Egypt

The skies were on fire!

What really comes to your mind when we say EGYPT?

We are pretty sure, the mighty image of the ancient pyramids would be the first thing that would tickle your fancy, followed by the phenomenal centuries-old temples, and the longest river in the world, the Nile, but let me introduce you to a completely different side of Egypt, a side that spoils you and lets you hang loose in the best way possible. The Red Sea town of Hurgada is one such place that will definitely give you the much-needed break your body requires after all the exploring and walking you do around the pyramids or the temples or the bazaars.

Hurgada is swarmed with a plethora of properties, but one property that truly blew our minds is Sindbad Club. This centrally located property, in the heart of Hurghada and within a sniffing distance from various restaurants, shopping centers, nightclubs, etc, offers plush suites and a variety of choice restaurants & bars to dabble in the local delicacies & delight your palate. Literally, a short promenade from this hotel and you can find almost everything you are looking for!

Nish twirling away in happiness :)
Sid wallowing in his morning cuppa :)
Look who made a pass at this furball! She's clearly not interested, though ;)

But, do you know what's hilarious? You will never feel the need of stepping out of this hotel, we promise. We tried strolling off the premises, but somehow this property enticed us, every single time! You ask, how?

Well, this luxe property is really, like really, humongous, with its own gorgeous private beach that is only accessible to Sindbad guests. Not just this, a profusion of fun and recreational activities will keep you satiated, too. No wonder why we instantly gravitated towards this picturesque property as we maneuvered around its vast stretch!

There is so much we would love for you guys to know about this distinctive property, so without any further ado, let us walk you through some of the highlights and experiences that Sindbad offers its guests-

Beach Access-

If the pure thought of the beach makes your heart beat faster and gives you an unscratchable itch, then, my friend, you are a bona fide beach bum, just like Sid and I. I can't begin to explain how enthralled we were, the moment we learned about the private beach. The extensive coastline of the Red Sea has given its space to this pristine beach, which makes a perfect spot for anyone and everyone to unwind while sipping on a few sundowners! Don't forget to indulge in various aqua sports, scuba diving, etc.

A haven for water-sports enthusiasts, this stretch of the property is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure!

You don't really need to put in efforts when every corner is as picturesque as this!
This gorgeous wooden promenade along the beach!
Happiest at the beach :)
This cozy beach bar is where we mostly ended our days with a cold in our hands!
Hey, you!

Pool & Waterpark-

We all know the swimming pool is perhaps one thing we visualize most vividly when we visualize a vacation. Who doesn't like sousing in a cool, vivid turquoise-blue swimming pool, after all? The huge glistening pool at the main building was the first thing that caught our attention, and it soon became our go-to spot! The focal point where we hung loose after all the moseying around, where we listened to the best of blues and got lost in the divine stillness!

They also have a wave pool in the aqua park, where you can take part in the merrymaking by either joining in for water aerobics in the morning or by indulging in a plethora of water games conducted by their animation team throughout the day.

If you are traveling with a little one, fear not, for they have a provision for your ankle-biter, too! Their kids' activity pool, also located in the aqua park, has everything your child desires.

Not a morning person, but I don't really fight the alarm when mother nature decides to treat my eyes with such glorious views!
Two blithe puppies, making the most of this peachy weather!
Gee, look at this wonderful setting!
The skies were so pretty, we couldn't stop taking photos ;)
I'm sure you will not abominate the idea of being bombarded with a plethora of photos from this stunning setting, right?
The stunning red-orange colors of the sunrise

See, I told you, we are cat magnets!
I want to get this framed! Should I ;)

Nish luxuriating in the vast stretch of this property


The only submarine in the Middle East, the Sindbad Submarine, heads 22 meters below the surface of the Red Sea and allows you to marvel at the spectacular varieties of coral reef and colorful tropical fish.

A 20-minute ferry ride from the marina, on the shimmering blue-green waters of the Red Sea, takes you to the air-conditioned submarine which provides an unobstructed view of the reef. It feels surreal to watch all the suave fish elegantly glide through the sea! It almost feels like they are flying! So graceful, so willowy! The fact that they have a diver feeding the fish next to the window, results in an uninterrupted view of the magnificent coral reef which can be enjoyed throughout the ride. Also, a big shout-out to the waggish divers, for not just feeding the fish, but also thoroughly amusing everyone by striking different poses and whatnot! There were times when I was only looking at them and nothing else!

All set to go underwater and explore the colorful underwater world of the Red Sea
The Endless Blues!

The feeling of watching these beautiful fish, glide gracefully through the sea, was something else!
Never forgetting this unfathomable experience :)
Yayyy! Another tick off our list!
Here's an inside look!


If you wish to witness the coral reef without going underwater, then this is your option! An hour's ride on the speed boat, with a huge glass bottom dome, lets you witness three different beautiful coral reefs and marine life, through the magnifying glass, in one trip.

The Quest Boat!

Spa & Gym-

Disengage from the world, and get rejuvenated and recharged at Sindbad's Horas Spa by treating yourself to some exotic aromatherapy, deep-tissue massages, and traditional hammam treatments.

You can also indulge in pure decadence and wolf down your food without having to worry about calories and portions by using the gym, located at Horas Spa, at no cost!

Horas Spa

The gym at Sindbad with top-notch amenities!

Shopping Centre-

They also have a shopping center which, according to us, is a one-stop-shop with a wide selection of authentic Egyptian jewelry, perfumes, clothing, etc. I'm pretty sure, you will not be able to hold yourself back from shopping, for their exquisite collection caters to one and all. We bought a couple of souvenirs and gifts, and we still hark back to all the memories we lived there, every time we lay our eyes on them!

With multiple experiences and exceptional hospitality, we are certain that Sindbad will make your stay the most memorable one. Do write to us or tag us in your posts, if you pay this gorgeous property a visit!

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