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CAPPADOCIA : Crowned jewel of Turkey

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Oh, Cappadocia, where do we begin? How do we even describe the endless impact you had on us. We feel a gush of emotion every time we think of Cappadocia! You truly captured our wanderlusts in the smoothest way possible. We guess, one post will never be enough to reveal about the torrid love affair we had!

Wind gusting through Nish's hair

It goes without saying that you can't miss going to this one helluva place when visiting Turkey! We remember how our jaws dropped and eyes popped as soon as we landed in Cappadocia. It has that otherworldly feel that lets you believe that you have been beamed to another planet. You need to experience it to believe it!!!

These unusual rock formations that you see in the picture were formed by erosions of volcanic sediments that later solidified them into rock tops. The wind then eroded rock surface leaving the rock looking as they do today.

Cappadocia, you beauty!

“We promise a similar reaction from anyone who plans on visiting this unearthly place.”

Sid clearly can't contain his excitement :)

Yes, if there is any place on planet earth that gives you an extraterrestrial experience, it's Cappadocia. No wonder why some scenes of Star Wars were shot here.

We are pretty sure, by now you all know that our love for this place is eternal. We promise that you can plan a hassle-free trip to Cappadocia, through our detailed and concise blog!

Happy Reading...!

P.S : We miss you, Cappadocia! Stay hale and hearty until we get back to you..!

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