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DEO BAGH- ' One of The Best Heritage Hotels in India'

What a place!

There's no denying, how we all have always dreamt of living the lavish lives that the Kings and Queens once did. What if you could experience the age-old royalty in the modern-day? What if you could feel a cool gust of wind blowing across your face, while you stand in front of a thousand-year-old structure where Mughals once camped? What if you could experience the grandeur of one such property to find the calm in the chaos? What if you could experience it all in one place? Sounds fascinating, right?

Sid and I recently had the privilege of staying at Deo Bagh, which according to us, is a perfect amalgamation of solace and intricacy, combined with an error-free cordiality! It's run by the Neemrana group hotels, and houses 17th-18th century 'Maratha Temples' and 'Baradari' which dates back to the Mughal era! A part of the property also serves as a residence to the descendants of the Jadhav family.

Why Should Travelers/Instagrammers/History Buffs Consider Staying Here-


I say, why not? This heritage 'non-hotel' hotel takes you back to the bygone era and lets you taste the true Indian culture and heritage at its best, through its outstanding aesthetics and elegance. Believe it or not, but there's no better feeling than being at a place where Mughals once camped. It gives you goosebumps and yet it lets you find a meditative calm in the large expanse of centuries-old structures that ooze the same old royalty and charm. Experiences like these definitely make better stories and you, my friend, haven't really lived them unless you smell chock-full of them. No wonder why Deo Bagh bagged the National Tourism Award 2017-2018 in the category- 'Best Heritage Hotel'!

The structure behind Nish dates back to the Mughal era
One of the family temples on the premises


This heritage property not only tickles your history bones but it also quenches your thirst for creating phenomenal content. Although every corner of this gorgeous property makes an exceptional picture-perfect spot, here's a list of our favorite spots that literally blew our minds-

Char Bagh-

Char Bagh is a Persian style garden layout in which the quadrilateral garden is divided into four smaller parts by walkways or flowing water. 'Char' means four and 'bagh' means garden. Mughals were known to introduce this style in India. This is where you will see thirty species of birds fly and hear them chirp in melodious tones. It's pure magic!

This property has that magic on you!
Twirl game strong ;)
The last one, we promise ;)


The Baradari is a beautiful structure that caught our attention immediately after we checked in. Both indoor and outdoor areas make amazing spots for some incredible shots. This structure dates back to the Mughal era and once had a water feature essential to its layout, which on hot summer days shielded the women in its underground chamber, giving a natural air-conditioned environment through air ducts. This structure has not been revamped, but it's still standing strong and looks as good as new!

Sid taking in the scenery!
Stunning Baradari

Family Temples-

The two beautiful temples standing gloriously in this property is a sight to behold. The intricate details and workmanship are out of this world. The dates of construction are not known, but the Jadhav family has worshipped here for five generations now. The temple on the left is a Shiv Mandir and the one on the right is a Hanuman Mandir. The latter has been modified to hold family deities when they were shifted here from Laxmi Vilas Rajwada. Known to be extremely powerful, robbers have died every time after the temples have been looted.

Look at the intricate details! We were honestly in awe!
You can visit these Family Temples at any hour of the day, considering the close proximity!
Beautiful workmanship at every run!
The second temple, adjacent to the first one
Love the detailed carvings

Look who's happy! :)


For us, the cleanliness of a room is of paramount importance and we always gravitate towards the hotels that provide a clean environment. Some of the things I always notice on entering a room are the condition of the linen, the appearance of the bathroom, and how good or bad the room smells. But, but, but, the OCD bug inside me was satiated the minute I walked into the room! Everything was sparkling clean and Deo Bagh passed all our tests with flying colors! Deo Bagh encompasses 15 rooms (12 rooms & 3 suites), spread across 5 wings facing Char Bagh, named after the Jadhav family of Gwalior.


What's the first thing you look for in a hotel at the time of booking? For us, it's always the location that comes first and the location of this property was something that brought a molar to molar smile on our faces. Deo Bagh is very well connected with all the main attractions of the area. All the main attractions are in very close proximity to this property and will surely make a great reference point for every traveler who chooses to stay here.


Sid is the biggest foodie ever, and all those who know him will vouch for that. I, on the other hand, am not just any regular glutton, but quite picky an eater, so when I say that the food served at Deo Bagh was brilliant, then I bloody mean it. The host of flavors and aroma can melt the heart of the toughest of souls. Oh, boy! I'm transcended to food heaven as I'm writing this!

You can easily make a request to the staff at the dining area if you wish to taste any particular dish :)

The gorgeous dining room in the 17th century Zenana wing


I can't stress enough how wonderful the entire staff at Deo Bagh is. They are not just gregarious and welcoming, but are extremely thoughtful, too! So, it was Sid's birthday and they made this day even more special for him by doing little things throughout the day. Special breakfast was served at Baradari and it felt so darn good eating breakfast inside a 16th-century structure, that once belonged to the Mughal era! That's not all, they created a whimsical dream date that melted our hearts. The candlelight birthday dinner by the bonfire, string lights and hanging lanterns from the trees, glimmering candles, slight nip in the air, a great bottle of red, and good music transformed the entire area into a hub for love! Oh, and did I mention the cake! Yes, they even baked a cake for us which surpassed all our expectations. To be honest, I don't think, I could have done anything better than this. In fact, these guys have outdone me in so many ways and we honestly can't thank them enough for creating such a fairy-tale birthday experience! They went above and beyond to make our stay a home away from home! A big shout-out to Mr. Narayan for always being proactive and anticipating our needs even before we did!

Birthday boy enjoying the breakfast inside a 16th-century old structure! A perfect start to a perfect day!
The ever-friendly staff at Deo Bagh :)
A Perfect Date Night! Big thanks to the most wonderful team at Deo Bagh for making this special night even more special!
The one with Mr. Narayan, who went above and beyond to take care of us! :)
By the end of it, they felt like family!

Finally, the surprise birthday cake left the two of us flabbergasted :) Also, this photo is a clear example of engrossed we were in the moment that we literally forgot to take a perfect cake photo ;)
The one who's responsible for all the extra kilos we gained ;) Oh, did I tell you that the cake was baked by him :)
Never forgetting this fairy-tale experience! :)

We can keep on praising this heritage property to the skies, for it genuinely feels like a home away from home! Have you been to Deo Bagh, yet? If yes, then do share your experience with us! We would love to hear from you!

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