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Even The Pandemic Couldn't Kill The Traveler In Us!

Wait, hold on! Are you also facing this weird situation, where your heart perpetually wants to travel somewhere, but our mind says NO? Are you also craving to visit cities you have never been to, and meet people you have never met?

If yes, then we are all definitely in the same boat. I'm sure, you can completely resonate with me and have a fellow feeling!

Travel decision-making has never been this abstruse after all, but considering what's happening around the world, I don't wonder why.

I'm sure, the fernweh inside of us is tickling for real, every so often, and we terribly want to escape the tedium of our routines. We all want to go somewhere, so we can come back & appreciate here and now; we all want to feel the cool breeze atop the sunkissed mountains; we all want to watch the luxuriant green fields. Or perhaps, strike up a conversation with a stranger while placidly sipping on some coffee at a cafe.

All this, while we are locked in our houses and our brain is turning to mush.

So, apparently now that it's clear that life cannot go on as normal, at least for the foreseeable future, we might as well enjoy our time off and stay level-headed by being pragmatic and making the most of this quarantine time, eight ways to Sunday!

We might as well take this time to introspect, and somehow reinforce the need for us to be kinder, less hurtful, less curt, less hot-headed, and more human. Coming to think of it, this crisis did dawn a lot of realities on each one of us. Maybe, it's nature's way of telling you to slow down in this rat race, and instead, enjoy the little things in life- things are completely unorchestrated; things that are sure to make the best memories!

It could be as small as smelling the fragrance of fresh linen, or sight of the well-made bed, or relishing a cup of hot coffee without having to worry about the meeting you are running late for, or digging your nose in your favorite book, or sleeping an extra hour curled up under the blanket, or making your favorite breakfast, or having those deep conversations with your loved ones, and the list goes on and on! All you gotta do is, hit the slow-motion button, and let yourself be!

This is one of those times when our peace of mind and tranquility should be of paramount importance. We should legit do all those things that make us triumphantly happy, without having to worry about feeling guilty and our fans popping out!

So, while I'm catching up on most of the things I had been procrastinating since eons, I am also trying to awaken my meditative calm by constantly scratching my wanderlust itch without leaving home, and here's how I'm doing it-

I'm virtually traveling by looking at our old travel photos; it's crazy how a photo takes you back in time and brings back a plethora of fond memories. I'm not just reminiscing by catching sight of our own photos, but also taking inspiration for future travels from other bloggers in my niche; gleaning all the tips and tricks; penning down more places to my travel bucket-list; and most importantly, nourishing my inner wanderlust!

We, therefore, thought this would be the perfect time to travel virtually with you all by walking you through some sweet not-so-old memories we made last year (2019), and maybe you can, too, take some inspiration from these photos. So, here's a little something to brighten up your day :)

We would be more than happy if these photos, in a way, can bring about an iota of change, and bring cheer amid the pandemic!

When we strolled in the midst of lush green rice terraces in BALI

When we took the most beautiful train ride that chugged through the breathtaking hills, forests, and waterfalls in SRI LANKA

When we almost felt like we were beamed to another planet as we watched the multicolored hot air balloons take off at sunrise in TURKEY

When we watched a dragon come to life as it breathed fire and water in VIETNAM

When we witnessed the most ethereal temples in THAILAND

When we stood in front of the tallest shimmering towers in MALAYSIA

When we were introduced to the sheer immensity of the Great Pyramid of Giza in EGYPT

That's it for this post. You guys have no idea, how writing this article turned out to be so liberating and therapeutic! It was a smooth overwhelmed-to-happy transition for me. I hope, this particular piece fueled your wanderlust in some way, and you are all charged-up to add more destinations to your travel list and traverse them places once we overcome this air of melancholy!

Until then, stay home & stay safe!


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