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HOOMANS are not so BAD after all!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Step into Purradise- Cat Shelter in Antalya, Turkey

If you know us well, then you would certainly know that we would never miss a chance to spend time with these furballs, feel them purr, listen to their meows, cuddle them, and show them our deep-rooted affection, because every little bit of love counts, yes?

We remember how we had two or three odd places to visit the day we discovered this shelter, and how we instantly chickened out because we wanted to spend all our time at the shelter!

Look how this cutie perfectly fits the palm of Nish's hand :)

Chillin' like a bawseee!


Look at these cute villa-style cozy houses!

Do pay these munchkins a visit and watch them play with toys and balls, and chill out on cozy hammocks and colorful benches around the village.

This village has already become a major hit among the tourists and locals who flock there everyday to hang out with these babies. The cat village has around 15 small villa-style houses and playgrounds designed exclusively for these babies. There's also a special space that has been allocated for veterinary care and treatment. Entry to the shelter and adoption are absolutely free! Honestly, if it was in our hands, we would have gotten them all back home! *Sigh*...

Look at this one... We can't!

This feels purrrrfect, hooman!

Nothing makes this one happier than being around these honey puffs!

Since all the cat food and vet fees are paid for by donations, we would request all our readers to help them raise large amount of money by donating generously! Not just money! Bringing in a few cans of food or providing them towel/blankets during winters to curl up on, will be a great help too! Every single step goes a long way!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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