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How to reach Cappadocia from Istanbul

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Distance between Istanbul and Cappadocia is around 700 kms and there are many ways to reach Cappadocia :

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Turkish Airlines

1) By Flight :

This is the fastest, and not expensive if you make your bookings well in advance. It goes without saying that the rates tend to increase as your departure date draws nearer. There are several non-stop flights from IST Airport which is the new airport and SAW Airport (Sahiba Gocken Airport) to Nevsehir and Kayseri Airport on either Turkish/Pegasus/Onur airlines.

From the airport, you can take an airport shuttle which drops you at the hotel and costs 50TL per person. It's always better to ask your hotel to help you book a ride ahead of time for a hassle free start.

COST : 350TL

(The best way to find great deal on airfare is to search multiple sites way ahead of time)


“Try to find an airline that lands at Nevsehir Airport because it is closer to the city centre as compared to Kayseri. It will probably save you around 40 minutes in ground transportation time.”

2) By Bus :

Catch a bus from Istanbul at night and wake up in Cappadocia!

A night bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia is usually the cheapest, yet the longest way to go. It is a 12 hour long journey but if you are comfortable with the idea of sleeping on an overnight bus, then this is for you.

Metro Turizm and Nevsehir Seyahat are two of the most frequently used companies to book night bus tickets.

COST : 90 -120TL

3) By Car :

Traveling by car can be pretty challenging. We would certainly not choose to spend so much time in commuting and instead use the same time exploring and enjoying the destination.

We would highly recommend taking a flight, considering the expense for both flying and renting a car is almost the same.

4) By Train :

It's again gonna be a long and tedious journey. And, since Cappadocia does not have a railway station, you will have to take a 10 hour long train journey to Ankara. From Ankara, you can catch a bus or rent a car that will take another 5 hours to reach Goreme.

COST : Train ride from Istanbul to Ankara - 70/80 TL

Bus ride from Ankara to Goreme - 30/40 TL

So, in a nutshell, traveling to Cappadocia via flight is the best option hands down..!

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