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The Spookiest Spot in Vietnam- ABANDONED WATER PARK (Thuy Tien Water Park)

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Not every day you walk past a sign that says 'No Visitors', and enter a water park that's 'Abandoned'! Intriguing, right? The word abandoned is what lured us to this magnificent place. We were instantly attracted to its eeriness! But we won't lie, the thought of being there gave us all kinds of edgy feelings too!

Shook looking at the life-size dragon!

Why is Water Park Abandoned?

This was the very first question that boggled our mind as soon as we heard its name. After reading a lot of articles and talking to locals, we learned that nobody really knew why it was abandoned and on what grounds it was shut. But, the most common reason we got was the 'insufficiency of funds'. This water park was opened in 2004 and cost about 3 million US dollars. It was soon forsaken and left due to the paucity of funds. Deserted and Empty! But, it's safe to say that the park gained more popularity after it was abandoned!

Labyrinth of stairs and passageways snake through the dragon's body!

Where is the Water Park Located?

The Water Park is located 8 km south of the Hue city center. You just have to use the google map that has the park marked out pretty well. We really thought that this is truly something off the beaten track and not very touristy, but thanks to Instagram, this water park is quite a hit in the blogosphere!

Ways to Reach Water Park?

You could either take a taxi or rent out a two-wheeler (just like we did). Renting out a bike comes in handy if you ask us. You can park the bike in the parking lot, take as much time as you need, and also stop at various spots too! On the other hand, the taxi is an expensive affair. Also, don't forget to ask your taxi driver to wait and drop you back at your hotel as there are no taxis available there.

What is the Entrance Fee?

To be honest, there is no entrance fee, BUT you will have to bribe the guard to get into the premises. He asks for 20,000 VND and this is what we gave. You can always haggle though. It is always better to get the exact change to avoid spending extra at the entrance. Also, don't ever think of paying the guard a miss, as it is not going to keep you on the ball for a very long. He patrols the entire area on a moped and has a memory like an elephant. So, there's absolutely no point in getting kicked for an amount as small as this!

Are live Crocodiles still present in the Water Park?

Not really, but we were expecting to see one or two ;) Crocodiles did live in the water at the bottom of the dragon, but soon the visitors and travelers reported them and that's when PETA intervened to help them find their new homes.

What should you bring?

~ Lots of Water as you will be spending plenty of time in there. Although we did spot a makeshift stall selling beverages, we don't know for sure about its availability.

~ Umbrella as the searing heat of the sun can get under your skin.

~ Mosquito Repellent as it can get really uncomfortable at times with all the mosquitoes around.

What should you Wear?

Wear comfortable shoes as exploring the water park involves a lot of walking. Also, avoid wearing floor touch dresses as some of the areas around the slide is extremely mucky.

Is it Safe to Visit Water Park?

Yes, as long as you take into account the fact that the park has been abandoned for years and there's hardly anybody looking after the area. Mostly everything you see will be in a semi-decaying state- untamed overgrown shrubs, broken glass pieces, metal pieces, dragon and slides covered in rust. So, don't be a dum-dum and walk recklessly.

WARNING- Nish standing barefoot is a stunt that shouldn't be performed by anyone ;)

Inside the beast's mouth

Wear a fancy dress, put on the coolest pair of sunnies, throw some swag! And that, my friend, is how you train a dragon ;)

Our Experience?

After paying the entrance fee, we entered the premises, we set off along the path. ''REMEMBER TO TAKE THE PATH THAT IS LEFT TO THE ENTRANCE AND KEEP WALKING STRAIGHT, THEREBY AVOIDING THE DIVERGENT ROUTE''! It's shorter and takes you directly to the Dragon Head. The area is quite massive and it is not a great idea to get lost! After walking about 700 meters, we saw the mountainous dragon head, and oh, boy! It was majestic! We couldn't help but walk zestfully towards the dragon sitting abandoned in all its glory. We spotted a few backpackers and locals as we reached closer to the dragon. We were honestly shook looking at the king-sized architecture. We can only imagine the creativity and planning that went behind constructing this masterpiece. Believe it or not, we spotted graffiti almost everywhere, created by travelers and artists in all levels of talent and vision. So, after exploring a labyrinth of passageways curling through its body, we took a flight of stairs through the beast's rib cage to reach into its mouth. And my, oh, my, the view was nothing but amazeballs!

Stunning aerial view of Thuy Tien

This just doesn't end here. There are also Water Slides that lead to an algae infested pool (you don't really wanna end up there), and an Abandoned Amphitheater with hundreds of seats that sit in despair! All in all, it was an experience of a lifetime to see a place that has long been devoid of human occupation, thereby reminding us that nothing built by man can ever stand the test of time on its own!

That's it for this post! Do Abandoned places fascinate you equally? If yes, would you visit the Abandoned Water Park? Also, we would love for you to share with us your experience to any forsaken place!

Until next post!

Happy Travels :)

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